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Honey Butter Chik'n & Waffles
Thumbnil Honey Butter Chik'n & Waffles

Honey Butter Chik'n & Waffles

Servings 1


  • 2 Incogmeato® Chik'n Tenders
  • 2 Eggo® Buttermilk Waffles
  • Maple syrup (to taste)
  • Powdered sugar (to taste)


1. Make the honey butter: Combine all ingredients (listed below) in bowl, stir until combined. Serves five.

2. Cook tenders and waffles per package instructions.

3. Place 2 chik'n tenders onto one waffle.

4. Scoop honey butter onto chik'n tenders.
Place the second waffle over chik'n tenders, making a sandwich.

5. Drizzle upper sides of toasted waffles with maple syrup.

6. Dust with powdered sugar and enjoy!

7. Wrap remaining honey butter and store in fridge.


1/4 cup salted butter at room temperature
1 tablespoon honey
2 teaspoons powdered sugar
Pinch of salt

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