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Plants. A whole different animal.

Trick your taste buds with 100% plant-based protein that looks, cooks & tastes like meat.

(Shh! It’ll be our secret.)

“Meat” Our Products


“No Sunday Scaries here with the magic of these adorable Incogmeato Mickey Mouse shaped chik'n nuggets”
- Patti
“MorningStar Farms makes Incogmeato meat. It's the best veggie burger meat I've tasted. Grilled up nicely with my burger spices. Topped with my famous pimento cheese.”
- Les
“Once again the crazy bunch asked for these amazing meatless burgers for lunch. Meatless Monday was a success and so I'm trying to see if I can get them to go a whole week again.”
- Ballu
“This was my first taste of the MorningStar Farms Incogmeato. I give it two thumbs up!”
- Kelly
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There’s a new bird in town.

Introducing 100% plant-based protein chik'n tenders.

Our Food

Everything you love about meat. Except, it’s made from plants.